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Tools :

CAPTURE SYSTEM is DATA MANAGEMENT, MONITORING and ON-LINE CLINICAL TRIAL software developed by CLINSIGHT. CAPTURE SYSTEM covers every stage of clinical trials thanks to its different modules. The main modules are:

CSDesigner: electronic CRF design
CSEntry: classic data entry from paper CRFs (single data entry, double data entry or interactive data entry)
CSOnline: Web interface allowing investigators to add patients, to randomize them and to fill in the electronic case report forms, via a simple Internet navigator
CSTest: consistency tests and query creation
CSCoder: medical coding (MEDDRA, WHODRUG, VEDDRA, ATCVET)
CSExport: data exportation to the main statistical software (SAS, SPSS) and in EXCEL, ASCII, HTML and XML formats
CSMonitor: day-to-day management of a clinical trial, monitoring, therapeutical unit management within the context of randomization.

Thanks to its user-friendliness and a maximum level of automation for repetitive tasks, CAPTURE SYSTEM allows you to carry out the data management and monitoring of your studies simply, efficiently and rapidly.

SAS is the only application that covers every phase of the life cycle of a medicinal product: from discovery of the active substance, through development to marketing and sales, and even post-sales and pharmaco-vigilance.

SAS is committed to developing data standards for the pharmaceutical industry and has the cutting-edge technology required to develop CDISC data models.

A known leader in data analysis and the de facto standard for clinical data analysis and regulatory submissions to the FDA, SAS provides laboratories with the tools to make accurate and consistent analyses from research data.

The 20 major international pharmaceutical companies use SAS.


AdClin provides innovative software to optimise clinical reporting and medical writing activities. They have developed:

AdClin Table Production Framework, an original and highly flexible SAS meta-language that produces all types of summary tables and data listings and requires only a few lines of instruction.

AdClin Report Builder, a tool for the production of Microsoft Word documents. It has been designed to dramatically reduce the workload associated with including tables, listings and graphs into clinical study reports.

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