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Our Services in Epidemiology

Our wish is to work closely with the team leading the epidemiological study, whilst providing high quality work and complying with confidentiality criteria and the declaration of Helsinski.

- advice, methodological expertise
- study protocol and audit design
- questionnaire design
- statistical protocols
- design of data entry and study monitoring software programmes

- selection of physicians
- regulatory submissions
- contracts with physicians / laboratories
- study logistics organization
       ° study implementation
       ° patient and / or physician follow-up
       ° study documentation management
       ° writing reports and drawing up management charts

- data entry
- data quality control
- data management



Univariate analyses:
- description of variables, description of relationships between variables, correlations, Chi² tests, etc.

Multivariate analyses:
- multifactor explanatory model (linear model, logistic model, etc.)
- survival analysis (Cox model, survival curves, etc.)
- analysis of repeated data (patient follow-up, etc.)

Evaluation in health:
- efficacy of health actions (before / after studies, here / elsewhere studies)
- evaluation of diagnostic methods (sensitivity, specificity, etc.)

REPORT writing in French / English
- statistical reports
- writing of abstracts, posters and articles for scientific publications

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